Skin, hair & nails

Selenium and its effect on hair and nails
Selenium supports various selenoproteins that have a known role in maintaining healthy hair and nails. In many cases, common problems such as brittle nails or hair that splits at the ends may be helped with a selenium supplement. Rather than spend a fortune on expensive nail-strengthening formulas and hair cures, one may start by taking extra selenium to see how that affects the problem. Besides contributing to the health of hair and nails, selenium supports all the other selenium-dependent body functions.

Beauty does come from within
Selenium’s role in the maintenance of normal hair and nails supports the adage “Beauty comes from within”. Healthy-looking skin, hair and nails generally signals that the body is getting the nutrients it needs to stay in good shape.

Hair and nails consist of dead cells but that only applies to the visible part of these tissues. Selenium affects the living tissue that pushes out from the hair follicles and the nail bed. You can therefore affect your looks by consuming a diet that contains adequate amounts of selenium and other essential nutrients that are involved in maintaining these tissues.